Easter Memories

Since it costs so much to ship things these days I decided to go ahead and order this year’s Easter Baskets for my two nieces from a wonderful company that I have used in the past for various gift baskets that I’ve really been please with. It is a real drag that my sister and her kids live so far away, I can’t remember the last time we have seen them in person on Easter. And lately it is all that she can do to get them all here once a year for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

I remember when we were kids how my mother would make our Easter Baskets all by hand with all the special types of candy that usually only came out right at Easter time. And we would all get one huge chocolate bunny that we could nibble on for weeks.

One year my older sister decided she only wanted white chocolate and my mother had a hard time finding one. I never cared for white chocolate myself and was happy with the good old fashioned milk chocolate version. Heck now a days you can any and every thing that you can think of to put in an Easter Gift Basket.

Learning Metric

It seems that a long time there were all these proclamations that Americans needed to learn the metric system and that we were going to, at some point, use metric for things like temperature and distance. So we all got a dose of metric in school and waited for the big changeover. But I guess it all fizzled out because I still see the same numbers for everything.

So all of a sudden an European friend of mine welcomed a new baby into their home and they sent out a birth announcement. And the baby’s weight was noted in metric. And I didn’t have any idea how many pounds and ounces that would be.  I found a cool web site called psinvention that does a conversion for you – it took just a couple seconds to change up the kg to lb.

Amps and Software Order

My younger brother came to visit me from West Virginia and was so eager to see him after so long. I hadn’t seen him for well over 2 1/2 years, so many things had changed since. The one thing that hasn’t and hopefully will never change is my youngest brothers love for music. He has been an aspiring musician ever since he learned how to play guitar in the forth grade.

When he visited I had talked to him about his music and said that everything was going great and he had a show to perform at a few weeks after his visit with me, he was super psyched about it. When I asked to see him play, he got out his guitar and his amp and started playing and he stopped in the middle because his amp wasn’t putting out what it was supposed to sound like.

Poor guy was so bummed until I started an online search around on the net for a new amp. He leaped up and scurried to the computer and we looked around. We came across Genz-Benz amps at Musician’s Friend online. My younger brother saw the one he had been wanting for a long time and needless to say I ordered it right away for a pretty decent price.

Along the way I couldn’t help but notic that some of their variax usb interface software were currently on sale as well. After we took a look at some of the Comments and Reviews that they have posted, I couldn’t resist from adding this exciting workbench to my Shopping Cart as well. Good thing that at that time I still had some money left to play with from my tax refund from good Ol’ Uncle Sam and that I have been able to purchase a few cool and exciting things here and there!

software for guitars

Line 6 Variax Workbench Software/Interface

My order arrived shortly after and I’m so thrilled that my younger brother now has his new amp he wanted along with with awesome software that we have heard so much about off and online. It’s cool to know he is seriously creating some beautiful music to share with the world. I expect front row seats from here on out!

Old Toy Cars

Found a box of old toy cars from when I was a kid buried in the storage bin in the basement. Most of them are hot wheels cars with Redline wheels. I was surprised to find that some of them are worth a few bucks these days. So now I’ve been doing some e-bay watching, and researching the going prices for the cars.

I’m not sure of exactly how to rate them, condition wise, I’m sure that they’re not exactly mint or anything along those lines. But I have found a few that could be worth around forty or so dollars apiece. Which, although surprising, may turn out okay for me monetarily, if I can find someone to buy them that is.

Walking on Egg Shells

The company that I am working for is looking for new ways to run and manage so many aspects their business. My manager is checking into the new TeamWox GroupWare System which is available for review online. TeamWox is designed is help organize the management processes and to make them more transparent and help make decisions based on the information that is input into to this versatile system.

With all the economic woes and complications that it is being heaped on us all, we are all looking for ways to trim the fat, personal and business alike. With great software out there to help minimize the workload, this option of using TeamWox would certainly be beneficial to our company. TeamWox offers 8 ways to help in running a business more efficiently and the Human Resource Department has been looking for something for sometime to assist with this process.

I love my job and hate to think that any lay offs will be coming to any of us. But unless they do something to help lower their costs, layoffs will be inevitable, sigh… I hope that TeamWox will do the trick and help set all of our minds at ease until the economy crisis is over and done with. We have all been walking on egg shells these past months.