Truck Tarps

I have a close Uncle who owns a farm and has been needing some materials to help the farm be in better condition. So for his his Christmas presents this year he has been asking everyone in his family to get him something that would help make it easier on him to do so. I got to thinking and remembered that I knew of a company that has great selections on high quality truck tarps that I know he really needs, so I looked them up on the Internet to see if they were still in business and if they had any new and exciting selections.

I was happy to quickly find the site at MyTarp right here on my handy dandy laptop and found the perfect truck tarp for his particular truck make and model that he has been driving for decades now, in which to aid in the task of carrying out the crops to all of his wide variety of different customers. I really think he is going to enjoy this particular tarp that I picked out for as his present from me this year and I certainly hope he puts it to work right away and that it serves him well for a very long time.

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Since I took the time to Read Full Review statements about the JBL LSR4328P Studio Monitor Pair at the Musicians Friends website I am convinced that the price is right and would be a very well deserved gift for my Uncle Frank and Aunt Lisa for the up and coming holiday season. I mean seriously Christmas is like in two months, how crazy is that?

I will check with my other siblings and see if they all want to go in with each other and purchase this system or not. Uncle Frank and

a great pair

JBL LSR4328P Studio Monitor Pair

The Snipping Tool on VISTA

While reading someone else’s blog I found a cool tip that I didn’t know about. There is a special little accessory that comes with the Windows VISTA called the Snipping Tool. It lets you grab any part of what you see on your screen and save it as a picture file. The program is kinda buried in there, but you can create a shortcut in your task bar if you like it and want to use it often.You go to the START button and click on ALL PROGRAMS then select ACCESSORIES then select SNIPPING TOOL. It then launches a little window and you can figure it out pretty easily. I used it as a test to clip this photo from a web site about Halloween crafts:

The one thing I don’t like about it is the red outline around it. But I think I can change that under the options button. Otherwise, it was very quick and so easy to use and I think I’ll use the Snipping Tool a lot now that I learned about it.

salt dough halloween

salt dough halloween

Low Cost Web Hosting

My brother-in-law and I have been discussing windows web hosting, he’s been talking about how the whole concept is basically the renting of space on somebody else’s server, and that the person that you are renting this from needs to be reliable as well as be accessible 24/7, 365 days a year to your needs in order for your website to produce the best results possible.

He told me to check out a website by Web Hosting Rating, he strongly recommends that anyone thinking of obtaining reliable webhosting really needs to do a bit of research and that this site has a great amount of beneficial information and will help you in rating host services. These ratings are based on 100% customer reviews, so they are a unbiased source.

A huge concern that is addressed is how low costing web-hosts are not always such a bad choice and that they are many things to look into other than the cost. This website has web-hosting specifications and tutorials to offer you in your search for the perfect web-host that are useful and informational, my brother-in-law urged me to check out these tutorials, as he has recommended these to plenty of other folks that have really enjoyed using them and have learned a lot from them.

He hasn’t steered me wrong as of yet, so it looks like I have a bit of homework to do and I’m actually looking forward to it all.

Clothing for Kids, Designer Style

I have a huge love for clothes, fashion has always fascinated me and if I could I would have closet’s full of all kinds of wonderful clothing and their accessories. But since I don’t have a lot of extra money that I can go out and buy all the newest fashions, I’ll just have to make do with what I have until things get a bit easier with money. Right now I’m forced to focus more on keeping the rent and the utilities paid up.

I can’t wait until I start a family of my own, I will have such a blast buying all the cute, cool baby clothes and later on start on the latest designer kids clothes that are in fashion at that point. I’d love to have twins, that would be so much fun finding matching attire for them, keeping the clothes very similar, but slightly different enough to give them their own identity in the process.

Celebrities have been known for dressing their children is some very impressive and killer uniquely trendy clothes, much like the ones that can be found at I love the variety of their designer children’s clothing, whether it be punk, skater, or rock they are all so very cool!