Seriously, how should I know what a weighing balance is, it isn’t as if I ever need to weigh anything. I honestly don’t own any type of weighing scales that one would use to weigh anything.

I have never had to worry about being over weight, if anything I can always stand to gain a few pounds and since I don’t diet, I don’t have the need for weighing my food as so many people are doing in order to maintain their dieting portions. But when I know what the heck they are talking about, maybe I’ll be able to partake in their discussions in the break in at work. They being the “fatties” of the office, which is about 85% of the work force.

scales to weigh with

Weight Scales

Plenty of Online Auto Insurance Quotes

By using some common sense and taking your time it really isn’t all that hard and/or stressful for someone to find as many auto insurance quotes in north carolina as you could possibly want and need. Unfortunately a good part of the population do not use the Internet in their daily lives.  There are still places that are being left behind because there isn’t a company that is willing to reach out to a lot of rural households besides the fact that computers and Internet access are not free or even close to be affordable for people that are still struggling with our economy that is still in crises.

There are plenty of senior citizens that refuse to have anything to do with a computer and of course there will always be a handful of people that are just stubborn and prefer to live in the “dark ages” I’m so glad that I don’t fit in any of the above categories because I don’t think I could survive at this point without my computer and an Internet connection.

north carolina insurance quotes

Don Allred Insurance In North Carolina

DWTS #10

My favorite TV show is Dancing With The Stars. My best friend who lives in North Carolina watches it as well. We end up texting each other throughout the whole show commenting on all the dances and dancers. We sound like a couple of school girls talking such trash each Monday night. Tonight is the last night. In a few hours we will all know who wins the 10th Mirror Ball. I am pretty sure I know who will win this one. My BFF doesn’t agree with my choice, guess we will find out in a few hours. I’m going to miss watching it. Can’t wait for season #11!

the 10th season

DWTS Fall 2014


Poly Striped Tablecloth

When Lauren said that she had purchased a nice striped tablecloth to use for this year’s family Thanksgiving dinner celebration I just couldn’t wrap my brain around what it would look like. Guess when I hear stripes my mind defaults to the black and white stripes of zebras and/or the black and white striped uniforms that so many prisoners are made to wear. Not so much these days but certainly in all of the old movies that we watched as kids.

Am so glad that the tablecloth that was actually purchased looks nothing like what was bouncing around in my crazed and stressed out mind. Too bad we will be stuck inside and not eating outside like what is shown on the picture that she sent me. But I guess it wouldn’t feel like Thanksgiving if it was hot outside.

tablecloth with subtle stripes

Poly Stripe Rectangular Tablecloth

Waffle House

We used to have 3 different Waffle House’s about town and then there were none. I hear that they are opening back up soon, that is good news indeed. Waffle House is one of my favorite places to eat breakfast, good food at cheap prices. I used to waitress at Waffle House back when I was a senior in high school and met some pretty interesting folks around the way.

waffle houses

Open 24 hours