Drink More Water

For some reason every time we go out to eat, people order either a coke or sweet tea. I don’t know why they want to drink something so sweet with their lunch or dinner. To me, something sweet takes away my appetite and kind of spoils the taste of the food. I would rather drink water with my meals and I can’t help thinking that maybe my teeth appreciate the self restraint from so much sweet stuff, too.

The body needs lots of water to keep your insides working right and to even help keep your skin from getting dried out and wrinkled. I love a tall cold glass of water, and it’s nice to sometimes have a slice of lemon floating on top of the ice cubes. Thank goodness for Indianapolis Water Softeners who have made a huge difference in the quality of water that streams into my house. Before we turned to them it was a constant hassle purchasing bottled water and dragging it into the house each week from the grocery store. And now I don’t have to worry about all of the plastic water bottles that never managed to make their way into the recycling bin.

cooper's water conditioning

Indianapolis Water Softener

Renaissance Festival & Halloween Costume

It seems that a new Renaissance Festival is coming to our area. The last one that tried giving it a go failed in their 2nd year and I was so very bummed. It was a blast attending and up until now we have had to travel to another state to attend theirs. So it will be nice not to travel such a distance in order to enjoy the experience.

The first time I attended a Renaissance Festival was with my sister and mother in Tennessee, it was such a great time for all three of us, we still talk about it to this day and that was over 12 years ago. The King was a big flirt and really had us laughing and feeling good through out the whole day. Going to this fun filled Renaissance Festival started my interest in attending any that I get a chance to and this time I want to dress the part. I have always wanted to go in costume, something that I have never had the chance to do, but since this new festival is scheduled to start in June, I have gone online to find a good looking outfit, at a reasonable cost.

I found a few good looking costumes at  low prices online today. My favorite being the one pictured below, check it out:



I love the colors, with the off the shoulder look with the billowing sleeves, it’s a great look that I think I can do justice with. It will serve as a nice Halloween Costume as well, it’s all good!

Chatting It Up With Ernie Isley of The Isley Brothers

It is hard to believe that the Isley Brothers have been around for so long, they started their musical journey back in the 1950s and you have to admit that Ernie Isley is one heck of a guitar player. I had no idea that they had any type of relationship with Jimmy Hendrix (they actually lived together for a time) until I read an article on The Hub today regarding the isley brothers atlantis.

This was a great read. One that I learned so much about these wonderful musicians that generated such a tremendous amount of crossover sales. Not just the numerous “Rock” music elements, mind you but in “Gospel” and “Soul” as well in the “Pop” culture for well over a half a century.

I always enjoy visiting The Hub. I used to know so much about the music industry, but it has grown so much that it’s not so easy, even with all of the information available on television. And of course YouTube is a fabulous resource that I’m not sure how I survived without it.

one half of a centery

A Conversation with Ernie Isley


Pest Issues This Time of Year

With the coming of spring, comes all the insects that go along with the change of season. In my house the battle begins with ants, the kind of ants that come each year into the bathroom and the kitchen looking for water, so I’m assuming that they are called water ants, but wouldn’t swear to that one. At least they aren’t the kind that are looking for food, my sugar bowl is always left alone, thank goodness, but still a major pain in the rear.

The other seasonal issue is with the flies, they can drive me right up the wall and out of my mind each time they come around this time of year. I have decided to take action this year about these dreaded flies and went online to search for a product that will help with this nuisance. I had no idea that there were so many professional fly lights and traps available and wanted to pass along this helpful website here.

You can go to epestsolutions dot com and find what they have to offer for fly control, as well as numerous other products for all types of other pests that we find ourselves in need of all year round, in the house and yard.

Jerky for Cats

Every once in a while a product that’s been on the shelves for a long time but never got your attention before will suddenly grab your attention and end up in your shopping cart. Sometimes it is placement on the store shelves that moves and you realize you are out of your routine. Sometimes it is new packaging, such as brighter colors on the box design or change from a box to a resealable bag. Sometimes it must be a mental response to a commercial or even subliminal advertising.

Well, whatever the reason, today I noticed a bag of chicken jerky in the aisle for cat treats. It seemed to be a good sized bag with multiple treats inside, so I decided on a lark to buy a bag and see if my cat likes them. I haven’t broken into the bag yet but I’ll let you know if they are a hit or a miss.

food for the feline in the family

Chicken Jerky