The Boy Next Door

Eric is a 17 year old high school drop out that lives next door. I worry about the boy sometimes, but yesterday he announced that he and a few other of his friends had put together a CD of their music and promises me a copy as soon as they get them all in order and ready for distribution. I think it is a great idea and wish them all the luck in the world with their endeavor. I’ve heard them play through out the years, since they are right next door and know the quality of their work. They are planning on hitting several of the local clubs and even a few across the state line in an effort to get their music played out there. Maybe one evening I will be able to go with them, it sounds like fun!

He is currently looking for decent CD sleeves, so I referred him to Zoo Printing where they offer CD/DVD/ sleeves at discount prices. They use top of the line quality stock and offer free samples, which I think is cool. I’m familiar with their work due to the using of them at my work a time or two for their poster printing¬†services, so I feel comfortable referring these wholesale printers to him and his musician friends.

Hassle Free Shopping

Am glad that I found the great fruity loops studio while it was lowered down $40 to just under $100. This, along with free shipping and handling is by far the best deal yet that I have found online this past week or so. I’ve been taking my time, really paying attention to every detail I could think of and I’m convinced that this price won’t last long, so I am going to go ahead and take the plunge and order it.

I haven’t ordered anything online since Christmas time. I’m so glad that all of my orders came in without any hassles what so ever. I was afraid that some of my last minute orders might not have come in, but they all arrived in a timely fashion, even with having a substitute mail carrier delivering all of the holiday letters and packages.

image line studio

Image Line FL Studio 11 Fruity Loops Edition

Keeping A Good Roof Over Your Head

It is unbelievable how many various businesses are roaming around the area looking for work because of all of the recent storms that we have been experiencing. Tree doctors, roofers and driveway repair people seem to be everywhere you look and are even going door to door offering their services. Thank goodness we have been pretty lucky considering some of the horror stories that we are seeing and hearing on the nightly news. The only thing that we had to deal with was loosing power for a couple of hours here and there and it hasn’t been too big of deal all considering.

A couple blocks over a good friend of ours had just paid good money to have a new roof put on their home, only to have a tree fall on it last week. They were totally freaked out, god bless them. Thank goodness for home insurance, although many of the deductibles that so many folks have to pay in totally ridiculous. Since the economy took a dive well over six years ago, people have raised their deductibles on all types of their insurance policies in an effort to be able to keep their roof over their heads and food on their table. This particular neighbor told me that their deductible is just under $2,000! That’s just crazy!

Decisions, Decisions…..

The Nady microphones that I have been finding online all seem reasonably priced. Now I just have to make a decision as to which one to actually place an order for. I have always been known for having a hard time deciding on things. I’ve been told that it is because I am a Libra and that people born under the sign of Libra are well known for wanting things to be fair but not necessarily knowing which side is being fair.

Libra, That's Me

The Libra In Me

Creative Options Online

The subject of debt reduction¬†is a very “hot topic” these days. The evening news is no longer filled with the positive stories of hope, with each passing day we are only hearing worse and worse news stories, more businesses closing and we are all scared.

It’s a good thing for the Internet, with all that it has to offer. There is a lot of good valuable information out there concerning our financial issues. We are finding creative ways to help our finances, just a bit of time doing some basic research can yield a lot of good useful ideas, suggestions and offers.

a very hot topic

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