Bed Bugs

Most of us, by now, have heard that the problem of bed bugs are on the rise. I’ve seen numerous stories on the evening news concerning them and have read a lot of articles concerning them as well. Today there was an Orkin truck in front of my neighbors house, come to find out that they are experiencing a serious bed bug problem and are having to dish out $2000 for Orkin to come into their house and take care of the problem.


beware of the bed bugs

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

Better Late Than Never

It has always been a dream of mine to learn to play the guitar. When I was a kid my parents found out that our next-door-neighbor played the piano and the guitar and this nice neighbor consented to give me guitar lessons for a very reasonable low price.

At first I enjoyed it but it soon dawned at me that this was going to take more time and more work than I ever dreamed of and after less than a year I threw a fit and refused to go over there anymore for any more “lessons” although I still enjoyed going over there to play with their youngest daughter that went to the same school as I did and was only a year and half younger than I was.

Now that I am older I am kicking myself in the butt for not taking full advantage of these lessons. It’s so very true that youth is wasted on the young, a saying that I share with my kids today and of course they just shake their heads at me and give me that look that kids use on their parents that just drives me up the wall.

I would love to own my own acoustic guitar and possibly teach myself how to play, So I decided to go online and really start looking at different guitars and find out what type of cash I am looking at. Hopefully I will be able to scrap up enough cash to order myself one before too long. I gave up using credit cards a long time ago, it’s either cash and carry or nothing at all. Something that I should have learned many years ago, but of course I am the type that has to learn the hard way, but better late then never.

A Quoteable Quote

Found this on Facebook last night:

“An act of goodness is of itself an act of happiness. No reward coming after the event can compare with the sweet reward that went with it.”

By Maurice Maeterlinck

Good words to think about considering with how quickly the up and coming holiday season is heading right for us all folks……

once a day, just like vitamins

Just Once A Day


Real Estate Up in Calgary

Today during our short lunch break we were getting busy talking about the different cities across the United States and how the quality of life can differ so greatly depending upon where you choose to live. Of course, a lot of the discussion was subjective and how you define desirable qualities can change due to external factors, personal experience, and even media coverage. In my current situation, a high quality of life involves nice but affordable housing in safe neighborhoods, a dynamic downtown with professional sports and cultural activities, and lots of opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation – such as lakes and rivers, state parks, etc.

Well, just making a list has started me thinking that I should check out the different cities and see if I should be considering a move some time in the future. One of the best ways to get to know an area is to work with a knowledgeable Realtor and to be totally open and honest with them about your intentions to just look around. I was able to find help with Calgary real estate agents by taking just a few minutes online. I know enough about Calgary to be dangerous. So looking for someone who specializes in the Calgary real estate market and get help learning more about the different neighborhoods as well as theĀ  local quality of life in that area up there. It’s a great place to start for now.

up north

Calgary Canada

Grandma and Her Bingo!

I remember back in the day, that if you wanted to play bingo that you had to go to the fire station on a Wednesday night to play. My grandmother used to love to play bingo and on occasion she would let me come along with her and play. Once and a while my grandmother would win and the excitement of it all was pretty darn cool, I on the other hand never once got to yell BINGO and receive a prize but it was fun just going and spending time with my grandmother.

I know that they still hold these games at churches and fire stations all across the country, but many have turned to the Internet and are playing free bingo online. The Internet has brought so many things to people that have no way of getting out and doing and online bingo sounds like the perfect way to spend some down time doing these days.

I miss my grandmother very much, she passed away before I graduated from high school. It wouldn’t be the same playing bingo without her, but I’m sure if she was still with us on this earth that she would being playing bingo both off and online and I’d be right at her side playing along waiting for my turn to yell BINGO!

bingo is for all ages

Happiness Is Yelling Bingo!