Now How Cool Is This?

One of my closest friends has just became engaged after dating the same guy for over 5 years! They are such a cute couple and I could not be happier for them. They have turned to the Internet for their search for the perfect rings for this exciting occasion and have found a great company by the name of Robbin Brothers that I’ve posted a few of their videos below for your enjoyment.

This company has been around since the 1920′s and has a great reputation for servicing over 100,000 couples a year with their extensive education and customer service practices. Their “Ring Center” is available to anyone connected to the Internet at, where you can enter contests, submit proposal videos and feel like royalty with their world’s biggest engagement ring store.

They also operate stores in Southern California and the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas areas. My friend has heard many exciting stories from couples that have placed their trust with Robbin Bros and she can’t wait to start their process, while keeping me in the loop during the whole deal. It’s all so exciting, times sure have changed since the Internet has made it’s way to most people’s lives. I’ll make sure to keep you all posted!

Seeing A Need

While looking atĀ PeachSuite Hotel SuppliesĀ  online today it was interesting to see all of the products that they have listed for Hotel, Resort & Restaurant Supplies and Equipment businesses. I can’t even imagine working (managing or owning) in any of these fields. As much as I am providing great customer service, when it comes to people and their food, even I know better than to get in the middle of any of that.

Sally and I found ourselves researching Pizza Shop Supplies back in the late nineties, thinking that we would enjoy owning and running our own Pizza Shop. We used the Internet for some of our research, but the whole Internet for marketing thing wasn’t quite there yet, so we relied a lot of catalogs and phone calls to help us for what we were looking for. We never really made a serious effort to actually open one but I can honestly say that we both learned a lot and have applied some of the things that we learned in the years to come.

In Sally’s last email she was thinking about Asian Restaurant Supply equipment that she would need to open her own Asian Restaurant. There isn’t a decent Asian Restaurant any where near where they are living right now, so she saw a need and is giving the whole idea a lot of thought. Having the full use of all that the Internet has to offer these days will make that whole task a much easier one to tackle.


Trip to the Vet

Well, no one has called about losing a kitten. I don’t understand it. I put up fliers all over the neighborhood and at the gas station and the grocery store.

This kitten is healthy and adorable and only about 6 weeks old. How can someone not miss a little kitten like this? If it was mine I would be frantic and doing everything I could to find her and get her back.

Well, I don’t know about other people, but I can’t just call the pound and have them come get here and then not know if she ever finds a good home or gets put to death in a couple weeks. So I’m going to keep her and I called my vet to have her seen. I know kittens need a certain number of shots and things from the vet, so I’ll pay for the vet visit and after that I guess she’s mine to keep.

My Newest Good Read

I love getting my hands on used books, the price of new books are totally outrageous, but once it has been purchased and read the price drops drastically and then that is the time that I make out like a bandit! My latest find was a novel that takes place in China back in the year of 1932, by Bette Bao Lord called “The Middle Heart” who is also the author of “Spring Moon” which I had the opportunity to read a few years back and really enjoyed. I looked online and see that this writer Ms. Bette Bao Lord has written even more books that I want to keep my eyes open for, of course I’m not paying full price for any of them no matter how good they are. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

another great read by the same author

Spring Moon by Bette Bao Lord


a great read

Middle Heart by Bette Bao Lord

Youth Is Wasted On The Young

It has always been a dream of mine to learn to play the piano. When I was a kid my parents found out that our next-door-neighbor played the piano and this nice neighbor consented to give me piano lessons for a very reasonable low price. At first I enjoyed it but it soon dawned at me that this was going to take more time and more work than I ever dreamed of and after less than a year I threw a fit and refused to go over there anymore for any more “lessons” although I still enjoyed going over there to play with their youngest daughter that went to the same school as I did and was only a year and half younger than I was.

Now that I am older I am kicking myself in the butt for not taking full advantage of these lessons. It’s so very true that youth is wasted on the young, a saying that I share with my kids today and of course they just shake their heads at me and give me that look that kids use on their parents that just drives me up the wall.

I would love to own my own piano and possibly teach myself how to play, but there really isn’t enough room in this house. It is already filled to the brim with all of the things that we have bought and collected over the years so a piano is just way out of the question at point. So I decided to go online and see what types of digital pianos the website of guitar centre has to offer. The Guitar Center has always been one of my favorite websites to find great deals as well as a very large selection of musical instruments and pretty much anything to do with music. Right now they have a Yamaha P-35 88-Key Digital Piano. It is a compact and lightweight entry-level (which fits my current needs) digital piano that is easy to pack up to take and play where you feel like it, when you feel like. It is listed for $449.99 and there is no shipping and/or handling charges along with a 30 day return policy. Something that I hope I don’t have to worry about, but it is a nice perk.

Hopefully I will be able to scrap up enough cash to order myself one before too long. I gave up using credit cards a long time ago, it’s either cash and carry or nothing at all. Something that I should have learned many years ago, but of course I am the type that has to learn the hard way, but better late then never.

Brand New, Never Used

Yamaha P-35 88-Key Digital Piano