Crate Amplifier For Under The Christmas Tree

Hopefully the Guitar Combo Amp was the perfect Christmas gift for my daughter to find under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning at her fathers house, over 1,500 miles away, out west.

She has been hinting and hinting and hinting for months now and I have been basically playing dumb about the whole idea. Since I didn’t get to see her this year on Christmas morning, my ex and I trade custody for the major holidays that we each want to spend with her. I did keep one of the presents her at the house, it’s just one of the quick release straps that was the topic of conversation in the car a few times in the last couple of months.

a great tool for guitar players

Quick Release Guitar Strap

I found the crate amplifier online a few  weeks ago and placed my order so it would arrive in plenty of time for me to get it all wrapped up and hidden in the basement so that she won’t find it. She hates going into the basement. It is dark and damp down there which creeps her out so it is a perfect place to hide things from her. It has worked well for many years in the past and hopefully will continue to do so for a few more years, anyway.

State Of The Art Fitness Facilities

I’m so glad to hear that my first cousin has decided to further her education and get her personal trainer certification very soon. Her life has been in turmoil for so long, she deserves so much more than what life has handed to her. We were so very close while growing up and then after high school she decided to marry the first jerk that gave her a second look. Now she is divorced with 3 kids, all being extremely active and all boys.

She is living in a trailer park some where close to Atlanta Georgia, working as a waitress day and night trying to make ends meet, so it’s good news to hear that she has found something that interests her enough to get off of her duff and try and make a go of it. Her ex isn’t helping her and the kids out one bit, so she has her hands full.

She has put on a few pounds in the last decade or so, so she is interested in becoming as active as her young sons are and becoming a personal trainer would benefit every one all the way around. At Naturalhealers dot com she has found The National Personal Training Institute that has a location close to where she lives down south and promises her the career that she is all excited about these days, with State of The Art Fitness Facilities for her use in the whole process.

I wish her all the luck in the world with this important decision that she has finally made her mind up to do.

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. My Christmas morning was nice and relaxed, and I’m getting ready to go over to my mom’s house for the family gathering at 3:00 pm. There will be good food and a gift exchange where we drew names from a hat back in October.

I don’t know who drew my name – they never called me to ask what I wanted. This will be interesting!

drawing names out of a hat

The Luck Of The Draw1


Stress and Meditation

We are all looking for ways to reduce and manage our stress levels these days. Hotlines are known to being over burdened with phone calls with people in desperate need of help and guidance from the volunteers that man these phones. And all the news programs and talk shows are doing what they can with advice and ways to help reduce the stress that most of us are experience in today’s world.

I’ve found a website of Mindfullivingtv dot com which has some pretty interesting options available to online users, that I have found to be pretty cool. They are the WebTV of the future, with their recent launching of four new original TV shows right online, that are designed to help you face your fears and help transform your life. Their one concerning quick meditation is appealing to me at this point and wanted to share this information on to you, my readers, for your use, if desired.

I have tried meditation in the past, but really couldn’t get into it all that much. But I’m thinking that now would be a good time to get it another try, I’m hearing such good things about it from so many people. I just need to set my mind straight and give it the chance that it deserves, because I deserve it!

Rings, My Passion

Jewelry has never been all important to me, although I do wear the same necklace each and every day that my father gave me when I was a little. It rarely comes off and when it does I feel naked and freak out so afraid that something will happen to it. It means so much to me that I just couldn’t bear it if I didn’t have and wear it anymore.

Rings have been my passion and I’m always looking for the perfect ring that will complete me as well as this beloved necklace. Right now I have many rings that I am always taking off and switching around, one day I’ll find the right one that will never come off.

There are some pretty fabulous deals online, like the ones I was looking at today, class ring. So many types to choose from compared to what we had back in my day. I’m not even sure what I did with my class ring. Guess it wasn’t all that important to me back then.