Classic Wind and Percussion Instruments

In my opinion, the flute is one the joyous musical instruments I have ever had the pleasure to hear and play.  My last flute had gotten lost on my flight back from Washington D.C. which was highly upsetting. A bad way to end such a joyous occasion that I still get upset about when I stop and think about the way the whole thing went down.  So I figured I would lift myself up and find myself a new one that I could make great music with.

It didn’t take long after I had jumped online and looked at all my options, with the Featured MF wind instruments and had quickly found the classic wind and percussion instruments that I was looking for on without any trouble at all.

Taxes Are Done and Over With

I just put the dreaded envelopes in today’s mail, with the tons of paperwork that the I.R.S. demands from each of us each year. I’m not happy. I had to enclose a check this year for $316. The first time I’ve ever had to pay, ouch!

Taxes suck! I have always done my own taxes and so far I haven’t done them online like so many people are doing these days. But I’m thinking that next year I just might give it a try and see how it all pans out. April 15th of 2016 will be here before we know it. I can only hope it fairs better next year.

April Fools

Tomorrow will be April 1st, which of course is April Fools Day. I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with some type of prank or joke to pull on someone, but I just can’t seem to come up with anything. I’ve never really been good at coming up with such April Fool’s antics, but maybe I’ll think of something off the top of my head when the time comes, I’m more of the spontaneous type anyway.

Easter Memories

Since it costs so much to ship things these days I decided to go ahead and order this year’s Easter Baskets for my two nieces from a wonderful company that I have used in the past for various gift baskets that I’ve really been please with. It is a real drag that my sister and her kids live so far away, I can’t remember the last time we have seen them in person on Easter. And lately it is all that she can do to get them all here once a year for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

I remember when we were kids how my mother would make our Easter Baskets all by hand with all the special types of candy that usually only came out right at Easter time. And we would all get one huge chocolate bunny that we could nibble on for weeks.

One year my older sister decided she only wanted white chocolate and my mother had a hard time finding one. I never cared for white chocolate myself and was happy with the good old fashioned milk chocolate version. Heck now a days you can any and every thing that you can think of to put in an Easter Gift Basket.

Mail Order Cheesecake for Easter Dinner

Since I am the one that generally hosts the family Easter Dinner I have to start the planning process and get some things lined up and ordered. My sisters both will bring tons of food as well, I mainly have to worry about the decorating, the seating, the ham and the Mail Order Cheesecake that has become a tradition at my Easter dinners lately. This is a cheesecake loving family that really enjoys their cheesecake which we don’t get at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. So Easter has become the holiday we enjoy good cheesecake after the huge meal that will take me days to get ready for.

I always order enough for everyone to take some home as well. The Gourmet Sampler is always a great one that gets a lot of attention since variety seems to be the spice of life. I’m not even sure when Easter is this year. Guess I’ll have to Google that and find out. I hope it isn’t until the end of March, I’m in not hurry for all of this Easter nonsense.