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Since I took the time to Read Full Review statements about the JBL LSR4328P Studio Monitor Pair at the Musicians Friends website I am convinced that the price is right and would be a very well deserved gift for my Uncle Frank and Aunt Lisa for the up and coming holiday season. I mean seriously Christmas is like in two months, how crazy is that?

I will check with my other siblings and see if they all want to go in with each other and purchase this system or not. Uncle Frank and

a great pair

JBL LSR4328P Studio Monitor Pair

Clothing for Kids, Designer Style

I have a huge love for clothes, fashion has always fascinated me and if I could I would have closet’s full of all kinds of wonderful clothing and their accessories. But since I don’t have a lot of extra money that I can go out and buy all the newest fashions, I’ll just have to make do with what I have until things get a bit easier with money. Right now I’m forced to focus more on keeping the rent and the utilities paid up.

I can’t wait until I start a family of my own, I will have such a blast buying all the cute, cool baby clothes and later on start on the latest designer kids clothes that are in fashion at that point. I’d love to have twins, that would be so much fun finding matching attire for them, keeping the clothes very similar, but slightly different enough to give them their own identity in the process.

Celebrities have been known for dressing their children is some very impressive and killer uniquely trendy clothes, much like the ones that can be found at I love the variety of their designer children’s clothing, whether it be punk, skater, or rock they are all so very cool!

Bridal Lingerie From Work

The bridal shower for Sharon at work is coming along quite well. I am pretty sure that she still doesn’t know anything about it. It is so difficult to keep anything a secret and/or a surprise at my office. But once in a great while we do pull it off and I really hope that this is one of the times that it does.

Sharon is one of the most popular in my office, so her getting married is a big deal to us. There isn’t a single one of us that isn’t invited and/or expected to attend the “wedding of the century” in the last week of October. Some folks have said that they were purchasing some classy bridal lingerie to give to her at the shower. I don’t know how I would feel wearing lingerie that any of my co workers had seen. Kind of creepy if you ask me, but what ever they want to do they are darned well going to do it. I still haven’t decided what I am going to buy for her. I need to settle down and take care of that this weekend.

Breast Reductions

I’ve been reading and hearing that people are leaving the United States, seeking more affordable medical attention. Mexico is becoming a “hot spot” for dentistry and people are flocking over the border to many eager, yet qualified dentists and other oral specialties and saving a ton of money. All the while, all types of cosmetic surgeries are being performed over in Europe at a much cheaper price than found here in America.

A good friend and co-worker of mine is looking into getting a breast reduction done and has turned to the Internet and found Free Surgery Advice concerning traveling abroad and having this procedure done for her. She has been dealing with overly large breasts since her early teens and has had enough and is seriously researching her options. Her health is being  jeopardized at this point in her life, I’m proud of her for finally taking some action that will provide her some relief that she is so desperately seeking, health wise and emotional wise as well.

The Dance Floor

I am so totally excited and looking forward to my first dance lessons from John Cassese. All of the ladies in the bridal party are taking these lessons in an effort to participate in a “wedding dance” that all of the men in the bridal party are learning as well. The bride and groom know nothing about this choreographed wedding dance that will be such fun participating in it.

Just being to dance with be a great thrill, it’s been way too long since I have gone out dancing anywhere with anybody. Back in the day I spent so many weekend nights out on the dance floor.  Having a decent D.J. came make or break an evening that is meant to be enjoyed on the dance floor.