Pest Control

It really shocked me when my mother turned down my invitation to go to the movies because she is very paranoid about catching bed bugs. No matter what I said or did she firmly kept refusing and my daughter twisted the whole thing around to where she thinks her grandmother doesn’t want to go to the movies with us because of her. This has been a constant battle between the three generations of females that just can’t seem to communicate with one another without someone taking it the wrong way and/or getting their feelings hurt on some type of level, sigh…..

It is a well known fact that bed bugs are becoming a huge issue with tons of people everywhere, as well as head lice. The pest control companies are being kept crazy busy and people are flocking to find new ways to prevent the spread of these unwanted critters, but this can’t make us so paranoid that it interferes with your daily life and relationships that we cherish and are hard to come by these days.

Funny thing is that my mother and step-father are currently on their way to Florida for a couple of weeks visiting friends and relatives and enjoying all that the “Land of Sunshine” has to offer. They plan on staying at various motels/hotels on their way down and back up again, which are more likely to infect someone with numerous unwanted critters. Go figure!

Being Smooth and Comfortable Is A Must

Being the youngest of four girls gives me the advantage of acquiring a lot of hand-me-downs through out the years. I hated it when we were growing up but now-a-days I realize how lucky I am for everything that gets passed down to me.  The only problem is that I have the longest legs in the bunch so hand-me-down pants are a real drag unless it has a good sized hem for me to let down in order not to look like I am wearing high-water pants!

Yesterday there was a package at my door step when I got home from work. It was a good sized box of hand-me-downs from my sister who is currently living in Tennessee that she thought I would use and enjoy. It had the Best Bra that I have ever had to wear, I need to ask her where she got it and see if I can find some more. I really like Seamless shape wear. Years ago I noticed that my skin was getting irritated from the seams of the bra and panties that I was wearing. My sister told me about the seamless under garments that she was enjoying wearing, so I decided to try and find some on my own.

I have to tell you that switching over to as many seamless items that I can has made a big difference in my comfort level each day. I mean if you have to wear these items day after day after day, you might as well be comfortable.

Cinderella a Classic Nouveau Riche (newly rich) Story

One of my all time favorite fairy tales is Cinderella. I could watch that movie over and over again and never get tired of it. My niece told me that last year in her English class that they were given numerous variations of the classic tale of Cinderella to read and she was amazed (and I as well) at how this nouveau riche  (newly rich) story has changed through out the years and is told in so many different languages these days.

Cinderella is considered a nouveau riche story due to that fact that Cinderella came from such rags and came into riches when her prince finally came and rescued her from her evil step mother and crazy step sisters. From rags to riches, such a classic. My niece had never heard the phrase “nouveau riche”, which didn’t surprise me. It really isn’t a term used much these days. So she was grateful for the Internet and Wikipedia to enlighten her on the subject. It’s great that these kids these days have the Internet to use for their researching, it sure beats having to get to the library and spend so much time digging through numerous books and magazines for their needed information. Wish we had that opportunity back in my days of schooling.


So Many Web Hostings

I have to give credit where credit is due and alas give my kid brother credit for all that he continues to do for the family and their computer needs and wants. He spends a good amount of his free time going from one family member’s house to another assisting with numerous computer issues. Of course not to mention all the various friends that depend on his vast and ever growing knowledge of computers and the Internet. Darn good thing that he is single and doesn’t have a wife with a bunch of kids that are missing his time at home because we would all suffer tremendously if that were the case. On the other hand he does get fed well and makes out like a bandit for his birthday and at Christmas time due to the guilt felt by all of us for all of his time and effort.

Back when I first started learning about computers and all that they entailed he turned me on to some good equipment back then to get me going and got me up and running with a good unlimited web hosting company that I have stuck with all these years, so I’m very grateful for that. We found a site that had a top ten list of top rated web hostings that we got to review together so that I became aware of the importance of choosing the right website hosting provider for my needs and wants.

A few months ago, my laptop crashed, big time and he came to my rescue once again. It took him a few days but he got all the issues taken care of for me and my computer is running better than ever.

The Boy Next Door

Eric is a 17 year old high school drop out that lives next door. I worry about the boy sometimes, but yesterday he announced that he and a few other of his friends had put together a CD of their music and promises me a copy as soon as they get them all in order and ready for distribution. I think it is a great idea and wish them all the luck in the world with their endeavor. I’ve heard them play through out the years, since they are right next door and know the quality of their work. They are planning on hitting several of the local clubs and even a few across the state line in an effort to get their music played out there. Maybe one evening I will be able to go with them, it sounds like fun!

He is currently looking for decent CD sleeves, so I referred him to Zoo Printing where they offer CD/DVD/VCD sleeves at discount prices. They use top of the line quality stock and offer free samples, which I think is cool. I’m familiar with their work due to the using of them at my work a time or two for their poster printing¬†services, so I feel comfortable referring these wholesale printers to him and his musician friends.