Luxury Real Estate In Boston

After some serious consideration I have agreed to take a tip up north, to the Boston Massachusetts area with my sister Lorraine over the Labor Day holiday. We both already have a 3 day weekend off of work and we have both requested a few more days off as well so that we will have plenty of time to check out some of the Boston Luxury Real Estate that Lorraine has been discussing with her in-laws for the past year or so.

We have both been doing some research online about the area and the real estate market. My favorite has been this one particular Boston Real Estate Blog by The Bushari Real Estate Group, which I discovered, quite by accident and have been impressed by. I just love blogs, of course I am just a tad bit biased since I have been blogging since the middle of 2008. I never dreamed how blogs have evovled since then. And to think that there are still some people out there that don’t have a clue what a blog is. I mean, really! It’s the 21st century for heaven’s sake, wake up and smell the roses!

Anyways, sorry for the quick little ranting trip which got me way off base and topic. I really like the Millennium Tower Boston and I can’t wait to see it for myself. I’m sure it will make me feel like a tiny little ant in comparison to its humongous size. I’ve posted a picture of it, but I’m sure the picture doesn’t do it justice. I can’t wait to get up there. It will be a fun trip with Lorraine, she is a real hoot and a holler this one is. I hope nothing gets in the way of us actually going, we both will be totally disappointed. We haven’t been on a trip together in so long. I think it will be good for the both of us in so many ways.

they make them tall in Boston

Millennium Tower Boston

Personal But Professional Headphones Ordered

Since Eric (our 17 year old neighbor) doesn’t have a personal checking account, nor a credit or debit card, he will sometimes ask me to order things for him that he has found online, using one of my pieces of plastic that are so important to have these days. Of course he gives me the cash  before I even consider starting the process. This has worked out well for him and I really don’t mind helping him out in any way that I can.

Today he came over and asked if I would take a moment or two to look at some of the headphones that he had found online. I was flattered that he even is considering my opinion on such an item. Maybe he was just trying to butter me up a bit before he asked me to place the order for him, which I think is so sweet. It’s too bad that his mother isn’t around more to really take the time to get to know him. Being a single mother she is always so busy working two full-time jobs along with various part-time jobs when she can just to keep a roof over their head, clothes on his back and feeding a teenager. As we all know keeping a male teenager well feed is always a hard job and the more you feed them the faster they grow hence a constant never ending chore of buying clothes and shoes.

It didn’t take us long to find what we believe to be the perfect personal  but very professional headphones for him to use as soon as the order is processed and sent out. I really think this kid has a good chance in making some wonderful music, along with some of the other neighborhood kids that spend so much time in their garage jamming!


The Boy Next Door

Eric is a 17 year old high school drop out that lives next door. I worry about the boy sometimes, but yesterday he announced that he and a few other of his friends had put together a CD of their music and promises me a copy as soon as they get them all in order and ready for distribution. I think it is a great idea and wish them all the luck in the world with their endeavor. I’ve heard them play through out the years, since they are right next door and know the quality of their work. They are planning on hitting several of the local clubs and even a few across the state line in an effort to get their music played out there. Maybe one evening I will be able to go with them, it sounds like fun!

He is currently looking for decent CD sleeves, so I referred him to Zoo Printing where they offer CD/DVD/ sleeves at discount prices. They use top of the line quality stock and offer free samples, which I think is cool. I’m familiar with their work due to the using of them at my work a time or two for their poster printing services, so I feel comfortable referring these wholesale printers to him and his musician friends.

Hassle Free Shopping

Am glad that I found the great fruity loops studio while it was lowered down $40 to just under $100. This, along with free shipping and handling is by far the best deal yet that I have found online this past week or so. I’ve been taking my time, really paying attention to every detail I could think of and I’m convinced that this price won’t last long, so I am going to go ahead and take the plunge and order it.

I haven’t ordered anything online since Christmas time. I’m so glad that all of my orders came in without any hassles what so ever. I was afraid that some of my last minute orders might not have come in, but they all arrived in a timely fashion, even with having a substitute mail carrier delivering all of the holiday letters and packages.

image line studio

Image Line FL Studio 11 Fruity Loops Edition