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Car Parts Search

Remember the days of having to trudge around from one junkyard to another in order to find car parts in order to find discounted prices that we could afford for our car repair needs. There are still plenty of junk yards, but with the coming of computers and the Internet, they have made the task  of locating cheap parts a whole heck of a lot easier and less time consuming, which is all good. has a huge amount of available car parts at whole sale prices and is offering Free Shipping on orders of $50 and more. They provide you with a full warranty with each part purchased as well and have a huge supply of parts you can order online or by using their toll free number of 1-888-907-7225.

Shepard Fairey Prints

My step-mother has always been a big fan of art. One of her favorites being shepard fairey art. She used to drag us kids around to various art galleries back in the day, not something that we kids really enjoyed at that time. It’s funny how when we grow and mature that our tastes, in all types of areas, seem to be constantly changing. I say that because I have been noticing a lot of changes going on with me recently.

I’m now enjoying certain foods and drinks that I have never before wanted anything to do with. I never used to like hot and spicy food, but for the past 4 years or so I seem to be craving it and being able to actually put in my mouth and swallow things that I couldn’t seem to even get paste my nose. One thing I have always disliked the smell and taste was coffee but my favorite hot beverage is now a big mocha with whipped cream and chocolate on top. A mocha is basically chocolate and espresso which of course is very strong coffee. Never ever thought I’d see the day………………..

Anyway, I have found where to purchase some shepard fairey prints online and thought that my step-mother would really be excited to receive a piece of shepard fairey art to hang in her apartment as her present from me for her 65th birthday come April 21st. A 65th birthday is a big deal and we are planning a big party for her. I can’t wait to see her face when she opens up my gift of a shepard fairey print.

I love this one, although it isn’t the one I’ll be buying for her. I still haven’t decided which one for her yet.



18 Wheelers

I’ve several friends and a few relatives involved in the shipping industry. I’ve even a cousin as well as a couple of close friends who do, what they like to call, over the road trucking, and haul freight for companies that ship Mexico freight, as well as all over the USA and Canada. They spend a lot of time on the road and tell me that if not for the company that provides the logistics to ship things internationally, then they’d pretty much be mired in delays and customs problems. My cousin once told me that the company they use has recommendations from the Defense Department and even airlines like Continental. But shipping lanes and airports, although an integral part of the transportation industry pales in comparison to the importance of over the road transportation. You have to figure, if you can’t get the trucks out, loaded and on the road on time and under budget, it could be devastating to businesses in general. Without the trucking industry running efficiently the whole world could find their economy collapsing. Now that wouldn’t go over very well at all with the truckers. Not to worry though, with companies like Logistics Group International Inc., who handle every aspect of getting loads to the right destination on time and under budget, the shipping industry is in good hands. It is a point of pride for the company and its employees that no matter how small or how large the project, L.G. I. has the resources to ensure a quality transport solution, every time. And I believe that may even be a direct quote.

My cousin, of course, is a specialized heavy haul transportation driver and has his own rig. He hauls freight to Mexico mostly, but he has had routes that took him to Canada as well. As a matter of fact I think he mentioned something about hauling an “over-sized load” from Mexico to somewhere in Tennessee this coming week. His company uses L.G.I. for all their shipping solutions and he swears by them.

Boys 1st Communion Gift Ideas

It’s fun looking around and shopping for a boys 1st communion gift ideas, since I have nothing but girls and have gotten into the habit of only keeping up with what is popular and new for girls. I need to find the perfect keepsake for my niece’s son in the next couple of weeks. I have come up with a few cute ideas online today. It has been so nasty cold and wet outside so it’s a perfect day to do some surfing on the World Wide Web.

Digital Antennas

At midnight last night Comcast (our local cable company) decided to cut off all of their channels to their customers. The only way now to receive any channels with them is to buy a digital box for each TV in the house at $100 a pop. They have been decreasing the available channels these past couple of months, but to take away 100% of them is just crazy. I really don’t want to pay that much for every TV in the house and I really don’t want to have to buy one of the digital antennas that are on the market for folks that don’t subscribe to cable or satellite but it is nice to know that there is that option.

Today I am going to make some calls to Direct TV and Dish to see what type of plans they have to offer and their prices. Not really in the mood for this but I need my TV and can’t afford cable anymore.