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Opening a Kiosk at the Mall

I have a friend who is opening  up her own small business, a kiosk at the local mall, selling sunglasses, in hopes of people needing and wanting sunglasses for the up and coming spring and summer months. I have to give her credit for opening up a business in these uncertain economic times, and wish her all the luck in the world.

She is learning so much these past few months, in her endeavor, so in turn she tells me a lot when we talk each day. She knows hows important it is to offer her customers the option of using their debit and/or credit cards, with most people using plastic, instead of cash, so she is looking around to find out what the process is concerning finding the right company to handle her transactions. She also knows that she may need to look into the possibility of applying for a Business Loan or a Merchant Cash Advance if things don’t go as well as she seems to think they will.

I plan on being one of her first customers and will tell all my friends and co workers about her need for customers, in order to get some business for her, we all need and should be wearing sunglasses, for it is so very important to protect our eyes from the damage that the sun does to our eyes, more and more these days.