Daily Archives: February 12, 2012

Zirconium Ceramic Bracelet

Black titanium rings seem to be the way to go these days for people that have reactions to other types of jewelry, which there are plenty of around these days. I have been asked by my sweetie what I would like to have as a Valentine’s Day gift this year, too bad I was asked only four days before the holiday is here, doesn’t leave enough time to order anything, sigh…. I have been eyeballing one of the most beautiful titanium bracelets that I found online a few months ago, around Christmas time actually, in hopes that I would find it under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, but that didn’t happen. And I don’t think that if it was ordered at this point that it would arrive in time for Valentine’s Day either. I guess I’ll have to make sure it happens for my birthday which isn’t until August so there is plenty of time to get that done, I hope.

Check out this pretty Zirconium Ceramic Bracelet that is 100% completely hypoallergenic, it is durable, light weight and extremely comfortable. I like the looks of it and that it has a fold over clasp that keeps it easy to put on and take off which is a definite plus for me.



A Good Plumber

My ex boyfriend is looking for a plumbing company that is hiring, since he has just recently relocated to the great state of Texas a few months ago. He couldn’t find any work around here and had an opportunity that he couldn’t resist down in Texas and just up and took off without a second thought. The offer was bogus, come to find out, but he is staying down there in hopes of finding something in his field, which is plumbing, and he is good at it.

There will always be a need for a good plumber, no matter what the economy is like, but find the right place that is hiring and has a good reputation is becoming a challenge for him. Oh well, life is a challenge!

College Costs Concerns

My sister has told me about a cool way to earn money, and money is a huge deal these days for the majority of people that I know and love, by signing up up with Mission Tuition at Missiontuition.com. At this website they have tons of participating merchants that deposit money directly into your kids savings account to help pay for their college expenses when you purchase their products or services through this website.

It is never too soon to start saving money to pay for your kids education. The cost of college is rising each and every year, I really don’t know how most people do it. My daughter is only in the 8th grade and they are really pushing these kids into seriously thinking about what they want to be “when they grow up” and what types of courses they will need to take in order to get to where they want to be when that time comes. I don’t know about the rest of the kids in her class but my daughter has no idea what she wants to do with the rest of her life, my goodness she still plays with Barbies some times with some of her friends when they come over. But if there is a way for me to start saving to pay for her education right now I might as well jump on it. I’m going to check out this site a bit more and let you know what I find out and what I decide on.

Little Field Mice

I was cleaning out some closets and putting things in the shed out back when I came upon a nest of baby field mice. Not that I’m frightened of the mice or anything like that, just that I was a little perturbed about them having nested in a box that I’d stored my favorite spring dresses in! And knowing mice, they weren’t to particular about what they chew up when making themselves at home. It also appears that I am to blame for not storing the box somewhere where rodents couldn’t get to them. I did call the exterminators to come out and “clear the house”. I am to expect them sometime tomorrow.