Archive | February 16, 2012

Window Treatments

Window treatments can make or break a room and the time has come for me to start looking for some new wooden blinds for several rooms at home. I currently have drapes in most of the rooms, they were here when I moved in and not exactly what I would have chosen for the place, and I’ve tired of looking at them and wondering how I’m going to keep them clean and dust free. I’m sure that they need to be dry cleaned and I have a real issue with that additional expense for that to happen.

I’ve looked around at some of the retail chains offerings of wooden blinds and have gotten a few ideas from my effort, but am now turning to the Internet to see what deals can be found online. There are so many varieties to choose from and the prices ranges vary from the low budget ones all the way to the ones that would break the bank, so I’m looking for something some where in the middle of the road.

I’ve asked my boyfriend for his opinion, since he will be the one installing them for me, but he hasn’t been much help and I’m having a hard time making a decision. But I’m in no hurry and will take my time until I find the ones that I find that I can’t live with out, it’s all good.

Kitchen Spice Racks Are Totally Welcomed

Buying a gift for co workers, friends or family who are getting married is a tough job! They all “register” at all these different stores and then I have to figure out which store to shop at and which of the items from their list are a good gift idea. I really do have a problem in that I do not like to buy a gift just for the sake of it being a free item to them just so they didn’t have to buy themselves. I like to give a gift that means something to me and to them, something that they can use or enjoy many times over and be proud and happy to have. Not something that will end up in a drawer, or collecting dust or worse, being re gifted!

So this time around I am seriously considering buying a wall spice rack for her gift. We both have a common interest in cooking and I know that spice racks are always welcome in any kitchen. It might even be the kind of thing that brides don’t consider when they are busy registering at the stores. I know that I use spices every time I cook, so I hope this gift will be a daily reminder of my friendship and well wishes to the happy couple.

I have a nice website in mind on the Internet for kitchen spice racks so I can order what ever one I choose online and have the gift shipped to the bride-to-be’s house or mine. So I just need to make sure of the date and time for her bridal shower, then I’ll make the appropriate delivery arrangements.

Lasik Eye Issues

I have been reading a lot about the Lasik Eye surgery procedure that I have been wanting to have done. I hate having to wear glasses, and I’ve tried contacts, that was a nightmare. I usually didn’t have a problem getting the contacts in, but late at night when I was tired and desperately wanted and needed to go to bed, I couldn’t get the darn things out and it would just give me fits, something that I just don’t need to deal with right before trying to get a good night’s sleep.

This procedure has become a lot cheaper and more available in the past few years. I’ve spoken with dozens of people that have had their eyesight fixed due to Lasik, but I’m still just a tad leery, but want it done so badly.

At there is good information regarding Lasik, kind of a one stop shopping and research site. They speak highly of Dr. Jack Holladay, who provides Lasik in Houston Texas, he has been doing this procedure for a very long time and is now teaching others his specialties and has published numerous articles concerning all aspects of Lasik. A most interesting and useful site, I’ve got this one bookmarked!

Love Thy Neighbors and Their Pools

In some ways it sucks to be the only one on the block that doesn’t have a pool in their backyard. But as with everything in life, where there is good there is bad, and in every bad there is good, which I’m finding out more and more to be true. It certainly would be good to have my own personal pool in the back to use when I want to, but it seems to me that that is really the only good thing involved with owning my own swimming pool.

There are so many issues with owning and maintaining a pool, such as being responsible for all of the pool supplies, like the pool chemicals, the pool filters, valves, pumps, liners, covers and all the other things that I am not even familiar with because I’ve never owned a pool, that need to be purchased and monitored by the owner frequently. Their home  insurance premiums and water bills don’t even effect me, which is way cool.

I am on good terms with all of my neighbors and have a standing invitation to come and use their pools whenever I want to and I’ve even been told that it is O.K. to have a friend or two come with me, which is very considerate of them all. I’m truly blessed with good neighbors this time around. As it hasn’t always been the case in some of the places that I’ve resided at in the past. Having a neighbor that doesn’t like you can really make life a pain a real bummer each and every day.

Cell Phone Headsets

A co worker has asked me to look into purchasing her a new headset for her cell phone, the last one fell out of her car and got run over and she really needs a new set. Since I was the one that showed her where to buy her cell phone and the headset that went with it, I guess she figures that it should be me doing to replacing of it, no problem.It didn’t take long to find just what I was looking for at a web-site of, where I found nice Plantronics Wireless Headsets for only $20.99, and since they accept PayPal they are definitely going to get my business. The main reason that I keep my PayPal account is to order off of the Internet these days.