Daily Archives: February 17, 2012

Need New Cluster Mailboxes For Tenants

The whole neighborhood put their heads together and approached the slumlord that owns the low income apartment complex, which is located at the end of the street, with the thought that there is strength in numbers, and we finally had it out on the numerous issues that needed to be brought to his attention. One of the issues is the old broken down cluster mailboxes that he has his tenants still using, years after they would no longer hold their U.S. mail in a safe a secure way, which is a horrible thing to do to people. Your mail needs to be safe, so he has consented to look for cluster mailboxes for sale and have new commercial cluster mailboxes installed by June.

We will see if he comes through with his promise. He refused to put anything in writing (no surprise there) but there certainly are enough witnesses. There were several other issues brought to the table. We have to go back in the middle of March and see what else is shaking and what needs shaking. I don’t like slumlords.

Stress and Meditation

We are all looking for ways to reduce and manage our stress levels these days. The economy is in such a crisis that most of our lives are being turned upside down due to this mess that are government has gotten us into. Hotlines are becoming over burdened with phone calls with people in desperate need of help and guidance from the volunteers that man these phones. And all the news programs and talk shows are doing what they can with advice and ways to help reduce the stress that most of us are experience in today’s world.

I’ve found a website of Mindfullivingtv.com which has some pretty interesting options available to online users, that I have found to be pretty cool. They are the WebTV of the future, with their recent launching of four new original TV shows right online, that are designed to help you face your fears and help transform your life. Their one concerning quick meditation is appealing to me at this point and wanted to share this information on to you, my readers, for your use, if desired.

I have tried meditation in the past, but really couldn’t get into it all that much. But I’m thinking that now would be a good time to get it another try, I’m hearing such good things about it from so many people. I just need to set my mind straight and give it the chance that it deserves, because I deserve it!

Backyard Chickens For Sale

There are more and more people talking about purchasing and raising their own backyard chickens for various reasons and not only are they just talking about it but actually doing it and couldn’t be happier with all the good, positive things about the whole thing. The one hatchery that keeps popping up in these conversation is the Californiahatchery.com, as they say advertising is vital for any business and in today’s high tech world the ways to advertise have come a long way but there is still something to be said about “word of mouth” and since I keep hearing about this California Hatchery they must be doing something right along the way.

It isn’t as if you can find chickens and hens for sale on any street corner or mall, so having a reliable and reputable hatchery that you can work with on the Internet is pretty cool. If I didn’t live right smack dab in the middle of the city I would love to have some backyard chickens, but I don’t think that the city would appreciate it no matter what my motives are. But for people that don’t have any restrictions such as this I think it is a wonderful concept for people to take advantage of, so much to gain along the way.