Daily Archives: February 20, 2012

Girl Scout Cookies

This morning the news was telling how the economy has even effected the sales of Girl Scout Cookies, over a 20% reduction of sales is being noticed. I had heard a few months ago that the Girl Scouts were contemplating rising their prices this year, but decided instead to make the cookies and the box just a bit smaller to help defray rising costs of producing this yummy treats.

The Wrist Watch, a Perfect Accessory

Even though I have the time blazing at me on all the gadgets around the house, plus my cell phone along with my laptop as well, I still enjoy wearing a Wrist Watch. To me they are not only a time piece but a fashion statement as well. Much like shoes, and purses, they just have to match and/or flatter the outfit. I’m always on the look out for new and exciting watches to buy and enjoy browsing the Internet and seeing what is out there in the world of wrist watches.

The Watchery website always has the best selections, today I ran across one that I have never seen before and is truly unique, it’s called a Semi Moon watch, check out the cool picture below.